We would love you to be part of the team that’s making life better for the oldest people in our communities. Volunteering at Re-engage can be an incredibly rewarding and useful experience.

We have volunteer roles right across the UK. They range from hosting an event in your home once or twice a year to making fortnightly calls to lonely and isolated older people. Take a look at the different roles below and see what you think might suit you best.

Become a call companion

Call companions are volunteers, over the age of 18, who make regular telephone calls to older people. These calls provide friendship, joy and conversation. 

Become a call companion coordinator

Our call companion coordinators are volunteers, over the age of 18, who oversee a small group of our call companions and the older people they speak to on a regular basis.

Become a volunteer interviewer

Are you organised, positive and dedicated to supporting older people who are lonely? Re-engage is looking for volunteers to interview new volunteer call companion and tea party applicants.

Become a rainbow call companion volunteer

Apply to join us as a rainbow call companion volunteer and help reduce loneliness and isolation among older LGBT+ people.

Become a tea party volunteer

Apply to join us as a tea party volunteer and help reduce loneliness and isolation among older people.

Become a volunteer for our activity groups in Wales

Our new groups will bring together people over 75 in local communities across Wales from summer 2021 through activity-based groups to help reduce loneliness, social isolation and improve physical wellbeing.

Become a Re-engage impact volunteer

Impact volunteers help us to evaluate our work so that we can understand the impact of our services. This can involve interviewing older people or asking them to complete questionnaires.

Become a lunch club volunteer, or cinema group volunteer, in Crosby

Volunteer with us and help reduce loneliness and isolation amongst older people in the Crosby area.

What’s it like to volunteer?

We all have different reasons for getting involved but a lot of our volunteers have or have had older people in their lives who have brought them joy or who have experienced loneliness. Other volunteers are feeling the twinge of loneliness themselves as they settle into a new area, a new job, a new set of circumstances.

Whatever your reasons, we are here to make sure that all our volunteers are fully equiped for their role.

Our different roles have varying time commitments. Being a call companions, for example, is  flexible and created to fit around busy lifestyles. A volunteer call companion will call the same older person between two and four times a month at a mutually agreed time for an informal chat. Calls will last for around 30 minutes. A volunteer host in our tea party groups by contrast, hosts their local Re-engage group for an afternoon one to two times a year.

Our volunteer opportunities are open to everyone over the age of 18, the beauty of our community lies in the diverse make up of our groups – from young to older adults (and young retirees).

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