"The calls are like a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark time."

We won't leave anyone behind

Re-engage exists to support older people who live alone and find it hard to get out in normal times. The Covid-19 crisis is particularly devastating for these people and many are feeling incredibly vulnerable, especially those with few family members or friends to talk to.

In response to the crisis we’ve suspended our regular social gatherings and, with the help of our dedicated volunteers, have set up a UK-wide call companions service. Older people who are feeling alone can receive a regular friendly phone call throughout the crisis and beyond, for as long as they want it.

No one should have to face this crisis alone. We won’t leave anyone behind.

Help us reach more older people feeling lonely, in the lockdown and beyond

We need funds to cover the cost of putting in place safe programmes as we work with the most vulnerable older people:

  • We need to run checks on new volunteers
  • Pay for training
  • Pay for calls using safe systems to protect vulnerable people

Please consider supporting this work and the work we will continue to do with the older people we meet in the coming months so that we can support them for years to come.

Our vision is a world where no one is ever too old to make friends and enjoy social interaction.

We can’t increase our impact without your support, so whether you can donate, raise funds or let more people know about us, we hope you’ll accompany us on our journey.

Here’s how your donation could help us

£5 could allow us to give our invaluable volunteers essential training and support

£15 could help to bring friendship and laughter to an older person in need of company

£50 could enable us to introduce new activities that avoid social contact but give companionship to older people who are now more isolated than ever

Become a supporter by giving monthly or make a single donation online.

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