How to fundraise: Ways to raise money during Covid-19

The Coronavirus crisis means more older people need us now more than ever. Every donation makes a difference and if you'd like to help, why not have a go at creating a fundraiser of your own? 

Stuck for ideas? Have a look at our fundraising ideas below

Why not see how many you can do whilst isolating during Covid-19? Our team can help you with tips on how to promote your activity and make the most of your fundraising. Just get in touch to talk to us about what you have in mind.

Ask friends and family to sponsor you to climb the equivalent of a mountain using just your stairs at home, or use daily runs to take on a distance challenge bit by bit. Either divide the run or climb between a team of friends or colleagues, or take it on individually.

Find a photo online of a something difficult to re-create: for example, an extravagant cake. Ask friends, family or colleagues to re-create and enter photos of their attempts into a competition. Best and funniest creations receive a prize, ask for a donation to Re-engage from everyone who takes part.

Hold a quiz over a video call, anything from general knowledge to guess the baby photo. Create a leaderboard and take it in turns being the quizmaster. Whoever is at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the month is the winner, every who takes part makes a donation to Re-engage.

A fun game you can play over a video call. Ask those who are taking part to put in an amount of your choice and choose either heads or tails by standing up and placing their hands on their head or bottom. Flip a coin, ask those who were wrong to sit down and everyone left to choose again until you have one winner left. Give the winner half the collection and donate the remaining to Re-engage.

Set a theme and ask your friends, family or colleagues to colleagues to submit portrait, an photograph or short story that have produced whilst in isolation. Competitors make a donation to take part and the winner gets a prize.

If you or someone you know has a particular skill or interest i.e.: yoga, Spanish, Greek mythology, ask them to host a lunchtime session via video calling, asking for a donation for anyone who would like to join.

Like movember but for lockdown!

Lockdown means people are saving lots of money, how about donating the price of your daily take-away coffee, shop bought lunch or commute for one week? See how much you are saving whilst being at home and make a difference to the lives of older people in self isolation.

Looking for more ideas? Why not see if you can adapt our general fundraiser ideas below?

Who doesn’t love a tea party? Host a tea party for friends and family and help raise funds and awareness of loneliness in older people.   

Bring your best baking game and put on a bake sale at your work or school.  

Host a dinner party and ask your guests to make a donation to Re-engage.  

Throw your best shapes and have a dancing competition with your friends.  

By shopping from your favourite retailers via the Easyfundraising website you can raise money to help support our work across the United Kingdom.  

Do you have a birthday coming up? Get your friends and family to donate to Re-engage instead of buying gifts.  

Whether you play professionally or you’re just partial to a bit of crazy golf, hosting a golf event can be a fun way to raise vital funds.  

Organise a hike with friends in a stunning or challenging location and ask for sponsors.  

Invite your friends round to enjoy dishes, music or films from across the globe.  

Get rid of unwanted items and host a jumble sale where the money raised goes to helping support a local group.  

Walk to end loneliness and sign up to take part in Scotland’s biggest fundraising event. 

Have the experience of a life-time and take part in the prestigious London Marathon.  

There are hundreds of marathon events taking place across the world. Choose a location of your choice and run to bring lonely older people new friends.  

Pay a pound to wear your own clothes to school or work.  

Charge colleagues to compete in office themed games.  

Take to the skies and take on the challenge of a lifetime.  

Host a quiz night at your local pub or school. Charge people on entry. 

Ask local businesses to donate prizes and sell strips of tickets for a pound.  

Raise awareness of loneliness and stop talking for a day.  

Put on a tombola at your event to keep people entertained and raise extra money. 

Challenge local schools to take part in a university challenge event.  

Vintage fashions are all the rage. Rummage through your wardrobe and host a sale.  

Take part in a sponsored walk with your work and ask friends and family to donate.  

Are you a self-confessed yogi? Could you do it for 24 hours? Why not put on a sponsored yoga event at work or for your friends? 

Love to sing? Host an X Factor night and get people to pay to enter. May the best singer win!  

Set yourself a serious challenge and hike up Yorkshire’s three biggest peaks.  

Make every move count and Zumba your way to ending loneliness.  

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