Introduction to safeguarding

  • To raise awareness of safeguarding adults.
  • To support in identifying safeguarding concerns and incidents.
  • To explain the reporting processes and actions that should be taken.
  • To understand what safeguarding is.
  • To understand what the different types of abuse are in relation to safeguarding adults.
  • To know how to identify safeguarding concerns or incidents.
  • To feel confident in taking the right action if any safeguarding concerns or incidents are identified.


This training is to raise awareness of Safeguarding amongst our volunteers and employees. Re-engage do not expect staff and volunteers to be experts, instead we want you to be able to recognise concerns and report these to the appropriate person. Depending on your role, you may need to receive different levels of training on safeguarding.

The following training will help you know enough to recognise and pass on any concerns you may have and potentially make a difference to an adult’s life and any children you may come into contact with.

By the end of this training you will be able to explain: 

  • What safeguarding is 

  • How Re-engage is committed to safeguarding adults 

  • Your safeguarding role as an employee or a volunteer 

  • What the different types of abuse are 

  • How to identify safeguarding concerns/incidents 

  • What actions you need to take as an employee or a volunteer 

The following is the legislative framework that underpins safeguarding. Re-engage safeguarding framework is built around this statutory legislative framework. 

There are 10 sections in this introduction to safeguarding module with each section on a new page. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete this training.

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