We’ve chatted to call companions Glenda and Maggie a number of times over the last few months as their relationship has grown.

What we’ve learned is that they have a connection that perfectly demonstrates what call companions means to them.

Maggie explained: “Glenda calls me once a week and it’s wonderful. I love speaking to her. We discuss just about everything - her family, music, art. There’s nothing we don’t talk about.

“I’ve lived on my own for years since the breakdown of my marriage when I was 27. I never had children and I’m an only child too. Mum died when I was six and Dad when I was 18. I also have spine degeneration so don’t get out much.

“My calls with Glenda are very important to me. I always look forward to them. We never stop talking. It’s wonderful. Glenda is quite amazing. Very empathetic, giving and has a good heart.”

Prior to retiring, Maggie worked as cabin crew for British Airways on European flights for 32 years. Despite this, she never went on holiday and had to take in a lodger to make ends meet.

She has survived cancer and two (failed) knee operations. She manages to do some gardening while sitting on a chair and loves to share this love of nature with Glenda during her calls.

Glenda has been a housing management consultant since 1989. Married to husband David, they have five daughters aged 23 to 39 and live in Sussex. As well as being a call companion, she does casual volunteering with homeless people or at food banks.

Glenda said: “My calls with Maggie are fabulous. I call them my ‘Maggie time’ and the whole family knows when I’m making the call. We talk about everything.  

“Maggie is very straight talking and I love it. It’s like having your mum there with you.

My calls to Maggie are fabulous. She’s totally alone but she’s an absolute treasure. I tell her this all the time, but she doesn’t believe me. She’s beautiful.” 

If you have a similar story to tell we’d love to hear it, please get in touch and help us demonstrate the impact and value of what we do as a charity.  

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