Over the last two years, as the Covid-19 situation has evolved and changed across the various nations, Re-engage has put out consistent guidance to everyone in our team – volunteers and staff: follow the rules that are set out by the government where you live.  

The welfare of our older guests and volunteers is our priority.

News of the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is dispiriting for all of us. We want to be sure that everyone is aware of the charity’s position regarding the importance of staying abreast of, and following, local guidelines.  

As restrictions began to lift in the summer, we published a statement to our volunteers  about staying safe. Now, as the landscape appears to be shifting again, and in the winter which brings additional risks to older people, we are clear that our position is to follow local guidelines. The UK government has issued a press release about the new variant and on the gov.uk website you can find guidance with links to information for each of the nations.  If you are a volunteer, you can take a look at our Covid-19 FAQs for more guidance.

It is clear that vaccinations and boosters are essential for the whole population and mask-wearing guidance has now been updated too. Please do take a look at current guidelines where you live and stay up to date with what your government is saying. 

Most importantly, stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.  

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