FAQs about covid-19

Older people and Covid-19

If your older person has concerns about coronavirus then please direct them to speak to their GP or NHS 24 on 111. If appropriate you could also advise your older person to consult the NHS website for the latest advice.

If the older person is worried that they might have COVID-19, ask them if they have contacted NHS 111 or completed an online COVID-19 assessment. If the older person feels this is a medical emergency, please advise them to call 999.

As soon as your call has ended, contact your group coordinator to make them aware. They will also be able to ask the Re-engage knowledge team to contact the older person’s emergency contact if they feel this might be necessary.

Thank you for your kind offer. Unfortunately, at the moment, we're operating a contact-less service and would not be able to supervise food distribution. However, you can contact Age UK or your local authority for a list of approved agencies.

Covid-19 impact on tea parties

As we all know, the message from scientists and business, as well as government, is that we aren’t out of the woods yet. As our tea parties restart, we ask that our volunteers keep abreast of all official guidance both nationally and locally. We will continue to update this page with links to information from reliable sources.

We know that our volunteers take very seriously the safety of the older people in our groups and will want to do all they can to make sure that everyone involved is safe. Many of the older people in our groups are vulnerable and have multiple underlying conditions.  

We would strongly recommend that:  

  • Only fully vaccinated (double jabbed) people should host, drive for, or attend tea parties.
  • You order some lateral flow tests, in case anyone needs one.
  • People with symptoms never attend a tea party.
  • Volunteer drivers wear masks when driving older people.
  • Tea parties are held in well ventilated rooms or outside when possible.
  • Where prevalence is high, we would ask that you hold your tea parties outdoors or reduce numbers of participants.
  • If you have a large group, please consider dividing into smaller groups for now to keep numbers down.

Our tea party groups are slowly restarting across the UK. As groups are situated all over the UK, and due to the makeup of each group being truly unique, all group members will have to discuss and agree on what they feel comfortable with moving forward, in line with the latest local government guidelines.

At all times we advise all volunteers follow government advice and seek the latest information on the easing or tightening of restrictions in their area.

There is some essential housekeeping to get done before tea parties restart (ensuring all volunteers needing DBS / PVG checks are up to date and all volunteers have completed core training). This is being put in place to increase support to everyone running and attending tea parties.

Please keep an eye on Re-engage Matters, our monthly volunteeer newsletter, for regular updates.

Thank you to all group coordinators for filling in your monthly report this will help us identify gaps in your group and enable us to help you where we can.

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