Rosemary has had Parkinson’s for three years and finds weekends very long and lonely.

“I’m on my own from Friday evening until Monday morning and I don’t like it,” said 85-year-old Rosemary from Chelmsford, Essex.

“I have helpers on week days and so time doesn’t seem to drag so much. I can talk to someone and occasionally I manage to get out for a short walk, with assistance. But the weekends just aren’t very nice when you’re on your own.”

But things have recently picked-up for Rosemary, whose husband William died in 2022. After being referred to Re-engage she now has a call companion- Bernadette- who makes a particular point of ringing on Sunday afternoons.

“I can deal with the practical things,” she said. “But I need support and a comforting voice, which is what I get from the phone calls. It really is a good service and transforms my weekends.

“It’s good to know that someone will give up their time to make contact with you. That’s really what I want – the contact.”

Rosemary also gets help from Crossroads Together, which provides professional support to a carer who assists around the home and does some shopping.

“I do like to get out but I’m very shaky on my feet now,” added Rosemary, a grandmother of two. “It’s particularly difficult when it’s windy but I have a goal to do more walking and when the weather’s better that’s what I’ll do. There’s a lovely park at the end of my road and that’s where I aim to go as much as possible.”

To access the service, you must be a person with Parkinson's or a carer of someone with the condition, be over the age of 60 and be confident using a phone.

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