Today Re-engage and Parkinson's UK have announced a partnership to offer call companions, our telephone befriending service to people living with Parkinson's, and their carers. The programme will match Re-engage volunteers with older people living with Parkinson’s, or their carers, for regular phone calls. Over the next 12 months we will help around 150 people, aged 60 and over, who will be referred to the service by Parkinson’s UK.

To deliver our new service, we are recruiting volunteers to make regular telephone calls. So that our volunteers get the most out of their role, enjoy it and feel well supported, they will receive bespoke Parkinson’s related training. 

Meryl Davies, CEO of Re-engage said:  

“Re-engage’s call companions service has been connecting people for more than two years and has had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of older people.

“Telephone befriending is a simple but hugely effective way of ensuring that vulnerable people maintain a link with the outside world and regularly have a recognisable, friendly voice at the end of the phone.

“We are delighted that we can expand call companions by partnering with Parkinson’s UK, recruiting and training volunteers to work with people affected by the condition and playing our part in supporting the Parkinson’s community.

“As Parkinson’s progresses, a gradual loss of movement and impaired balance make social interaction a daily challenge. People affected by Parkinson's, including carers, can feel isolated and cut off from the world and we are delighted that this partnership will mean we can be part of supporting them."

Caroline Rassell, Chief Executive of Parkinson’s UK, said:

“Living with Parkinson’s, or caring for someone with the condition, can be isolating and lonely. For some it’s motor symptoms that make it difficult to get out to see people, whilst others struggle with the mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression.

“At Parkinson’s UK, we’re aiming to support everyone affected by Parkinson’s, throughout their life with the condition. Our free and confidential helpline continues to provide incredible insight and advice on everything from medication to benefits, but through this partnership with Re-engage, we’re now able to offer companionship.

“We're so grateful to the volunteers who will be befriending members of our community, offering them someone to talk to about their lives, including everything outside of their Parkinson’s. We are looking forward to learning from the first year of this partnership with a hope to expand this offering in the future.”

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