We’re particularly proud of, and grateful for, the support of our corporate partners in helping us reduce loneliness for people aged 75 and older. One of our missions is to bring generations together, and by linking with people of working age, encouraging and supporting them to volunteer with us or fundraise in innovative ways, we’re able to help forge lasting social connections that help break down barriers between people of different ages, experiences and backgrounds. 

Celebrating diversity: RSA Insurance LGBT+ history month event 

Our corporate partnerships officer, Sadie Ellison, and engagement officer, Sam Higgins, recently delivered a presentation during RSA’s LGBT+ history month event. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the work of Re-engage and the issues facing older LGBT+ people. 

Sam explained: “We were delighted to be invited by RSA late last year to deliver an online lunch and learn session to staff, to talk about Re-engage and our volunteering opportunities. This event had a particular focus on rainbow call companions, which aligned closely with RSA’s commitment to its values of respect and generosity. The success of that event led to another invitation to speak to the organisation again. 

“It’s important for us to talk to as wide an audience as possible about the work of Re-engage. Large corporations are particularly important as they have a diverse range of employees, many of whom could gain personal satisfaction and valuable experience by volunteering with us. They might also have loved ones or customers who could benefit from using our services and can help raise awareness with the people they encounter or raise funds to help us run our valuable services. 

“It’s natural that few people of working age have much insight into life as someone aged 75 and over, especially someone who is LGBT+, so it’s incredibly important for us to help shed light and explain why our services are vital; several companies tell us that we’ve opened their eyes to issues which they had no concept of.” 

Working in partnership: driving social change together 

Sadie added: “We’re so proud of our partnerships with businesses and organisations across the UK who see us as offering a perfect opportunity for their people to give back to a great cause. Selecting us as a charity partner means we can offer supported volunteering opportunities and training that fit into busy lives, whilst having a major impact on reducing loneliness and isolation for older people. 

“I’m ready and waiting to talk to any company about their charitable objectives, introduce them to Re-engage and shine a light on the mutually beneficial opportunities we can offer to bring generations together and help reduce loneliness and isolation among older people.” 

RSA UK & I Modern Workplace Manager and UK LGBTQ+ Lead, Sam Bradley, who is also a Re-engage rainbow call companion volunteer, said: “I was initially moved to be a volunteer to do some good in the world, but having started my journey with my call companion I was inspired to do so much more. 

“Bringing Re-engage’s work to light in my business and seeing how it has captured the hearts of those in RSA and driven them to action is truly amazing. We proudly support the cause and all their diverse and inclusive work.”

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