Did you know that 1 in 5 donations made to Re-engage are in memory of a loved one?

These gifts are given by people like Kim, from East London, who have personal experience of the services we offer. Kim’s mum was part of a tea party group for many years.

“The volunteers at the tea parties were so good to mum. They made it so special for her and accommodated her so well – it gave me a break and her something to do. She so enjoyed the tea parties – people got dressed up, they made friends, it was like a club. She retained the happiness.”

After her mum passed away, Kim wanted to share with other people the pleasure the groups had given her. “I made a donation to Re-engage in Mum's memory so that others in her position could have that same sense of belonging and happiness.”

And donating isn’t the only way Kim supports us in her mum’s memory. She explained: “When Covid hit, I saw you were launching the call companions service, so I signed up to be a volunteer. I wanted to give back and I know the difference the charity made to mum.”

Kim has been phoning her call companion every week since they were first matched in September 2020, and the pair haven’t looked back.

“It’s a win-win because everyone gets something out of it. I saw my mum every day, and all the build up to her passing didn’t make it any easier. I missed not having someone of the older generation to talk to. It’s rewarding to be able to reminisce about things. It’s like talking to my mum. You can just chat and be comfortable.

“It helps me, having Betty to talk to. She bullied me into baking, she even gave me her scone recipe.  She’s so excited about hearing what I’m doing in my life. We bounce off one another and it’s lovely.”

“It’s never felt like a chore. Once, I did have a bad day, but in five minutes my mood was completely lifted. Betty made my day, and she won’t even know it. Betty takes everything in her stride, she’s so refreshing.”

“I hope mum would be pleased to know that other people are continuing to find companionship in her memory.”

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