Ginny was a ‘restless soul’ in her earlier days and so, in her twenties, she embarked on a bit of globe-trotting. 

During a three- year period she visited, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, before making her way back home through Japan and Russia. 

At various times she financed her travels by picking-up jobs where and when she could, including stints of fruit-picking, working in shops, cinemas and a canning factory. 

“It was such a wonderful experience,” said 77-year-old Ginny, who attends a Re-engage activity group in Cardiff. “I started off on my own but when I hitch-hiked I made sure I had company. 

“I met some great people and have stayed friendly with one couple in Australia. We still exchange Christmas cards. 

“My parents naturally worried about me but my father had travelled extensively and I was very restless so they didn’t object.” 

When Ginny returned home she worked in PR for major companies, including clothing giant Jaeger and professional services firm Arup. While there she met husband Fred, who was working for the London Chamber of Commerce and they became close after she typed-up a report about one of his business trips.  

Following their marriage they spent two years living and working in Italy, and then on their return to the UK moved to Wales. Fred became Director of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce, and Ginny worked as Marketing Director for a small publishing company. They were married for 17 years before Fred died in 1989. 

During the pandemic Ginny, who has a five-year-old grandchild, was seriously ill and spent a month in the University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff. During that time she was not allowed any visits, not even from her two daughters who live in London and Edinburgh. 

“When I came out I was still poorly and as I’ve had knee replacements I was not particularly mobile,” she said. “I was given an exercise routine by the hospital but it’s very hard to get motivated when you’re by yourself. So going to the Re-engage activity group has been very helpful. The gentle chair yoga is just right for me. 

Ginny, who paints and draws at art classes added: “Mostly I’ve had a very lucky life. After we got married I went back to Hong Kong with Fred for a holiday, which was marvellous. We travelled a lot and lived abroad for a while.  

“I would dearly love to go back to all those places I visited when I was younger but sadly that’s not possible now. But I’m not complaining.  I have some lovely memories.” 

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