Charles is 91 and lives in Wales, having been evacuated to Wales as a boy during WW2.  He is active (he still goes to the gym) and is a great talker.  He would be a great advocate for Re-engage.

Charles spent his life working in the media.  A former journalist, he spent 20 years running the 7th commercial radio station in the UK; Swansea Sound.  He interviewed famous comedians from popular shows such as Fawlty Towers and Dad’s Army.

He is very interested in current affairs and loves talking to his call companion Kelly about politics.

Charles was married for 67 years, and he desperately misses his wife, who died in 2020.  Today he often feels lonely and really looks forward to his chats with Kelly.

“Having worked in the media all my life, when I spent my days surrounded by people, I feel the loneliness very acutely.”


Kelly is 45 and lives in Newcastle with her husband, two teenagers and 75-year-old mother.  She decided to become a call companion because she would hate for her own mother, who has dementia, to be alone with no one to talk to. Prior to becoming a call companion she was a tea party host for Re-engage, which she loved.  She found it very satisfying and rewarding.

Kelly loves to make the most of life. Today she works full time as an apprenticeship manager.  In a previous life, she was a holiday rep on cruise liners and travelled the world – she’s done a lot of travelling in her life. 

She enjoys dancing, the gym, holidays and eating out.

She loves her weekly calls with Charles.  They have so much to talk about and they are never stuck for conversation.  They love putting the world to rights too.

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