Impact volunteer and call companion Alison shares how being involved with Re-engage has changed her life.

Alison, 59, joined Re-engage a couple of years ago after she retired from nursing. Having worked in Essex and Surrey, her final role was as a mental health staff nurse in Gateshead.

She said: “I lived with my Dad for a while and then he died and I felt completely lost and useless. I wasn’t working because I have mobility problems and it seemed I wasn’t of use to anyone. I just felt guilty.

“Then I heard about Re-engage on the local radio station and thought it would be good to get involved, and I’m so glad I did. Volunteering has made a massive difference. It’s my main focus now and has completely changed my life.

“I love talking to people, especially my call companion, a lady who is 96. When we have our chats she might seem a little down to begin with but by the time we’ve finished she says it’s really cheered her up.”

Alison, who lives with her dog Poppy, a Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise cross, is also a Re-engage impact volunteer coordinator, looking after a team of around half a dozen.

Alison explained: “We do regular surveys with some of the older people to find out if Re-engage is doing the right things for them. They absolutely love the tea parties. They also enjoy the activity groups and would like to see more of them.

“They like call companions just like I enjoy talking to older people. You can ask someone one question and you get their life story, which is really lovely.”

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