Ina, 96, used to be one of the millions of older people in the UK feeling lonely, isolated and trapped in their own homes. However, since joining her local Re-engage tea party she has found a new lease of life,

"When you get to my age, all you do is look back on the life you had but Re-engage has given me something to look forward to, something to live for."

Re-engage exists to provide social connections for people, aged 75 and over, who are isolated and lonely with free access to our services, including monthly tea party group get togethers; call companions, our telephone befriending service, rainbow call companions for the LGBT+ community, and the opportunity to attend activity groups in Wales and West Yorkshire. We have recruited thousands of wonderful volunteers around the country, providing training and resources to help them become group co-ordinators, tea party hosts and drivers, call companions and activity group leads plus supporting volunteers.

One of the ways you can help us to continue to help Ina and thousands of other older people is by leaving a gift to Re-engage in your will. Thinking about your future can be difficult and emotive but preparing a will and making your wishes clear helps to alleviate some of the uncertainty for those close to you. We have developed this will planner as a starting point to making your wishes known.

The main consideration for the majority of people is to provide for their loved ones first, but it you are able, please consider leaving a legacy of friendship and help Re-engage to help more people like Ian, 85, who receives weekly calls from his volunteer call companion,

“It means a lot to have someone to chat with every week. My family keep in touch, but it’s nice to talk to someone who isn’t in the family. It gives one the sense of being valued by society. The person who calls me has become a friend and I’m not someone who’s ever been particularly good at making new friendships. After the calls I always feel a sense of relief that somebody out there values my company.” 

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