Our impact on volunteers 2023-2024

Nearly 9,000 volunteers were involved in our work 2023-2024.

Eight out of 10 volunteers describe volunteering with Re-engage as 'good' or 'excellent'.

Seven out of 10 volunteers feel happier as a result of volunteering with Re-engage.

“I look forward to talking every week as we have become friends. We talk about all sorts of things and really make each other laugh as we both have the same, rather silly sense of humour. I have been able to support her as her sight has deteriorated and she has been able to tell me wonderful stories about growing up in the 1930s.”

Volunteering can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial for wellbeing. Our volunteers tell us about the skills they learn, the enjoyment they get from connecting with different people, the friendships they develop and the feeling of giving something back.

Nine out of 10 of volunteers feel like they are “giving something back” as a result of volunteering with Re-engage.

Eight out of 10 volunteers say their understanding of loneliness and social isolation has increased.

Eight out of 10 volunteers have become more aware of the challenges faced by older people. 

“No two interactions will be the same. You will feel fully supported should you need anything along the way and the staff, volunteers and older people you will encounter all help to make for an incredibly interesting and rewarding role.”

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