Become a group coordinator (Wales)

As a volunteer group coordinator, you will set up or coordinate an activity group in your local area.

You will coordinate activity-based groups for people aged 75 and over in community centres, pubs or church spaces. Groups will host between four and 15 activity guests, along with our volunteer drivers who pick up and drop off our activity guests.

Activities can vary from chair fitness, dancing, yoga and boules to gardening, tai-chi or coming up with your own activity to get people moving. Groups will meet for around two hours every month and activities must be inclusive for all activity guests.

You will be required to complete a DBS check for this role which Re-engage will cover the cost of.

Tasks include:

  • Arranging monthly or bi-weekly group activities lasting around 2 hours with the support of one of our Support Officers
  • Checking ID documents for the DBS
  • Contacting activity guests prior to them joining the group
  • Arranging the activities for the group – part of this must have an element of light physical activity
  • Gathering feedback from your groups and reporting back to Re-engage
  • Keeping in regular contact with your group of volunteers and sharing any updates from us that are relevant to them
  • Following the guidance in your training modules to ensure that your groups are enjoyable, appropriate and in line with our charitable aims
  • Adhering to current social distancing guidance and ensure people are safe when attending groups

Could you be our next group coordinator?

This is a voluntary role that will require you to organise the monthly or bi-weekly activity groups which usually take place in the same venue every month.

It is your role to support setting up these groups, sourcing a venue, arranging an activity, and ensuring activity guests and drivers are contacted prior to the monthly or bi-weekly group activities.

Attendance is not essential every month but is expected periodically throughout the year. You will need to confirm attendance with our volunteer drivers and activity leads who will arrange pick-ups along with any dietary needs of our activity guests.

This is a long-term voluntary role, so we are ideally looking for individuals who can commit to volunteering with us for at least 12 months. 

As one of our valued volunteers, you will receive training, support from Re-engage, and regular communications from the charity.

This is a fulfilling and enjoyable role which will enable you to develop your leadership skills, gain valuable experience with a national charity and, most importantly, connect with lonely older people and make a real and lasting difference to their lives. 

We are looking for group coordinators with the following skills and attributes: 

  • Well organised 
  • Good conversation skills 
  • An enthusiasm for making genuine connections with older people in your community 
  • A friendly, empathetic approach 
  • The ability to really listen to people 
  • Patience 
  • A good sense of humour 
  • A passion for improving the lives of lonely and isolated older people
  • The ability to volunteer with others 
  • Basic computer literacy (including the ability to use email)

Does this sound like you?

Please use our online application form and do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many people enjoy volunteering for more than one role, feeling more involved and connected to others. Please have a look at our other volunteering roles to see what other opportunities we have available.

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