Stay active and meet new people

Are you 75 or older, want to connect with others and take part in activities such as chair yoga, Tai Chi, movement to music or gentle exercise?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then register for our new activity groups in West Yorkshire.

Activity groups

Our online groups are available to older people who live in West Yorkshire, and our in-person groups take place in Calderdale. The groups will help you stay active and meet new people who are at a similar stage in life to you.

Led by an instructor, each group will take part in a gentle activity and there will be plenty of time for a chat afterwards.

Following the sessions, you can expect to feel better connected, have an improved sense of wellbeing and improved physical health.

Online classes

Chair yoga: Tuesdays at 2pm – one hour including a chance to talk to others at the end of the class

Chair yoga helps keep you flexible, develops stamina and maintains good posture. Conscious breathing techniques help to reduce anxiety and provide moments of quiet and calm.

Tai Chi: Thursdays at 11am – one hour including a chance to talk to others at the end of the class

Tai Chi consists of gentle and fluid movements in sequence. Benefits include improved mood, flexibility, balance and an increase in strength and wellness.

Activity groups in Calderdale

Register to join our new free activity groups, which will be launching in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

These in-person activity groups will take you through gentle activities such as dance, chair yoga or Tai Chi and provides the opportunity to socialise with a refreshment after the activity ends.

We hope to introduce activity groups across West Yorkshire. We would love to know if you’re interested in joining an activity group, so we can plan ahead and start groups in the right places for you.

Please let us know what activity you are interested in taking part in, as the activities will vary from group to group.

Chair yoga led by Ellie

“I'd love you to join me to nourish your mind, body and spirit with chair yoga, mindfulness and meditation. We will be celebrating all that the body can do, whatever your age or level of fitness. Regular practice will improve flexibility, strengthen your muscles and enable you to tune into your breath and your inner stillness. You should leave the session feeling more grounded and relaxed.” 

Tai-Chi led by Lis

“Tai Chi consists of gentle and fluid movements in sequence. Benefits include improved mood, flexibility, balance and an increase in strength and wellness.” 

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