Why safeguarding training is important

Safeguarding balances the right to be safe with the right to make informed choices ensuring that the older people's views, wishes, beliefs and feelings are considered.

The Local Authority has the lead role in relation to adult safeguarding but all organisations, as well as individuals, (employees and volunteers) have a part to play in safeguarding adults. It may be considered abuse or neglect if you cause harm to someone or fail to do something that could have prevented the harm from occurring.

The public are usually aware of the effects of child abuse. However, far less publicity is given to the abuse of adults and older people and many people are still relatively unaware of the existence of abuse and its potential effects. You need to be aware that abuse does not have to be extreme or obvious. It can be unintentional, insidious, and the cumulative result of on-going bad practice.

No agency that is concerned with maintaining standards can afford to ignore any form of abuse which affects the well-being of the people for whom they are responsible. Agencies, of which Re-engage is one, play an important role in raising awareness of safeguarding among all team members.

Re-engage is a befriending organisation that offers supportive and reliable relationships through volunteers to people who would otherwise be socially isolated. The relationships are non-judgmental, mutual, and purposeful and there is a commitment over time. Re-engage creates opportunities to develop genuine friendships.

Everybody has the right to be safe and to thrive, regardless of their circumstances.  We believe that our people - staff and volunteers - have an individual and organisational responsibility for safeguarding the older people we work with as well as each other as volunteers and members of staff.  We want to embed a safeguarding ethos and practice which is both proactive and responsive towards issues of safety and wellbeing. Re-engage has adopted the following definition to support a holistic understanding of safeguarding in line with the work of Re-engage:

As we foster a culture of kindness, everyone at Re-engage including volunteers, staff, and Trustees, understands that at times our guests, and members of their families, might need protecting from abuse and neglect and might need support to live safely.

It is important that you understand your own role and responsibilities with regard to Safeguarding Adults and the processes you are expected to follow at Re-engage.   

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