Tea party volunteer checklist

Over the past few months, we’ve been contacting our tea party volunteers (group coordinators, area organisers, drivers, and hosts) about the essential steps that we all need to take before a tea party can safely re-start.

You can find the tea party volunteer checklist here. It includes all the steps in one place, together with links to the relevant resources and information. By following this list, you can ensure that you are tea-party ready.


  • Have you responded to our email to let us know you're still able to volunteer?
  • Area organisers, group coordinators and drivers, is your DBS / PVG up to date? This can be checked on your certificate (we accept DBS certificates that are under 3 years old and PVG memberships under 5 years old. Anything beyond these cut off dates requires an update). Any questions, please contact your group coordinator. We are sending all coordinators a list confirming all those volunteers in the group requiring a DBS / PVG.
  • Have you read through our GDPR and safeguarding training?
  • Hosts, have you submitted your host’s home checklist?
  • Group coordinators, have you received and updated your group information, submitted your group’s RAG status and read and agreed with the new external venue declaration?

If you have done everything on the list, then it’s finally time to put the kettle on and for our volunteers and tea party guests to be reunited at last. Thank you for your continued support.

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