Step by step DBS guide with uCheck

A step-by-step guide for new volunteers to the process for getting your DBS check done through Due Diligence Checking Ltd.

If you have applied to be a new volunteer for a tea party your DBS process will be managed by Due Diligence Checking Ltd (DDC).

All volunteers who need a DBS will be contacted directly by DDC to start the process.

If you are a volunteer who was assigned to a tea party group before 2021, please use the following instructions as the process is slightly different for you.

What information do I need?

  1. Your current full name and address.  
  2. Any other names you have used, along with the dates you started and stopped using them.  
  3. A full and continuous address history for the past five years, including UK postcodes, where applicable.  
  4. Your passport details, if you have one.  
  5. Your UK driving licence details, if you have one. 

How many documents do I need?

To support your application, you’ll need to produce a number of original documents to corroborate the data you provide on the online application form. All documents must be in your current name (excluding UK Birth Certificate). At least one document must show your current address and one must show your date of birth.  
The documents which will be accepted are divided into the three groups shown below. If you own a valid Passport and/or UK photocard drivers' licence, you must produce these, plus one or two additional documents from any group to make a minimum of three documents in total for a Route 1 Application.  
If you do not own a valid UK Passport, UK photocard Drivers Licence, original UK Birth Certificate, Adoption Certificate and you are a UK citizen, then plese use a Route 2 Application. You’ll need one document from Group 2a PLUS two other documents from either Group 2a or 2b and consent to DDC undertaking an Identity Validation Check.

How are the documents grouped?

Group 1 documents

  • Any current and valid Passport  
  • UK Biometric Residence Permit 
  • Current UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands Driving Licence 
  • UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands Birth Certificate (issued within 12 months of birth) 
  • UK and Channel Islands Adoption Certificate

Group 2a documents

  • Current, non-UK Photocard Driving Licence 
  • UK / Isle of Man/Channel Islands Paper Drivers  
  • UK Birth Certificate (issued 12+ months after DOB 
  • UK Marriage / Civil Partnership Certificate  
  • UK HM Forces ID Card 
  • UK / Isle of Man/Channel Islands Firearms Licence

Group 2b documents

  • UK mortgage statement issued in the last 12 months 
  • UK / Channel Island bank or building society statement issued in the last three months 
  • UK bank account opening letter issued in the last three months 
  • UK credit card statement issued in the last three months 
  • UK financial statement (for example pension) issued in the last 12 months 
  • P45 issued in the last 12 months or P60 issued in the last 12 months 
  • Council tax statement issued in the last 12 months 
  • Valid UK work permit or visa 
  • Valid letter of employer sponsorship 
  • Utility bill issued in the last three months 
  • Benefit statement issued in the last three months 
  • Government correspondence (for example HMRC) issued in the last three months 
  • Valid EU National ID card 
  • Valid ‘PASS’ card 
  • Letter from headteacher or principal (18 to 19 year olds only)

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