Do you enjoy reading and chatting about books, magazines, or sharing stories and memories?

Could you help connect people by starting conversations inspired by reading? 

Then why not join Reading Friends, a UK-wide social reading and befriending programme delivered by volunteers?

About Reading Friends

Reading Friends brings people together to read, share stories, interests and life experiences, meet new friends and have fun. We use reading – whether books, magazines, newspapers, or anything else – to start everyone chatting. 

We have partnered with the Reading Friends programme and throughout 2020 will be bringing together new groups of volunteers and older people in Scotland and South West England.

What will I do?

1. Bring company and enjoyment to someone’s day who may not otherwise have an opportunity to socialise.

2. Facilitate meaningful conversations on a variety of topics of interest to everyone in the group.

3. Help our guests to make new friends, meet new people and keep their minds active

4. Help organise an outing or activity for participants to look forward to

By becoming a Reading Friends volunteer, you will also:

  • Be part of a wider national project working to reduce isolation and loneliness across the country
  • Meet new people, share your interests and make new friends
  • Learn something from people from a different generation or cultural background
  • Gain new skills, knowledge or experience to enhance your CV
  • Develop your confidence and communication skills
  • Get great book recommendations and ideas
  • Be a part of your local community

You don’t have to be an expert in literature

All that’s needed is a love of reading and a desire to help older people feel more connected with their community.  

By volunteering with Reading Friends you’re going to make a difference to the lives of all of the people involved.

Contact us

We have teams across the UK and our national office is in London.


2 Grosvenor Gardens


0800 716543

Office phone:

020 7240 0630