LGBT+ research project – understanding the needs of older LGBT+ people

If you are aged 70 or older and identify as LGBT+ then we want to hear from you.

Re-engage is a charity with a mission to work within communities to end social isolation and loneliness in older people. We want to support diverse communities and in particular, to learn about the needs and experiences of our older LGBT+ community. With your help, we want to discover the services and activities we could deliver to best reduce loneliness and social isolation.

We usually work with people over 75, but we want to hear from anyone aged 70 or over. That will help us learn about the needs and wants of people who are approaching 75, as well as those already aged 75 or older.

We’re asking LGBT+ people aged 70 or older to take part through:

Through this research, we will: 

  • hear directly from LGBT+ people aged 70 or older
  • learn about the needs of LGBT+ people aged 70 and older and what services and activities we could develop to help build social connections and companionship 

If you are aged 70 or older, identify as LGBT+ and wish to take part in this important piece of research, please do one (or both) of the following:

Interviews will take place throughout July and August 2021 and will be held over the telephone or via video conferencing.

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