Anyone can run a Christmas event

It doesn’t need to be the size of Glastonbury and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It doesn’t even need to be free!

All we ask is that

It is open to the public

In a communal space so a pub, church hall, community hall, library. We can’t give you an older guest to have round your home for dinner, but you could have your dinner at the local carvery and book an area for those who may be alone to come and spend it with you.  

Come alone not dine alone

People who come to your event will do so because they would otherwise be alone. Try not to make it worse by making them sit alone in a restaurant for example. Make it inclusive, it’s a chance for them to integrate and meet their community 

Open and honest communication

Your event doesn’t need to be free and you don’t need to offer transport, (great if you can) but do be open and honest about this and everything else in between. Be honest about what people can expect.  

Community Christmas not Christmas Dinner

Your event doesn’t even need to be about food. You could have a viewing for the Queen’s Speech, Mince Pies & Mulled Wine, a morning walk, scrabble tournament. The idea is providing a safe, fun, enjoyable experience for people who may otherwise be alone, so don’t worry about  

Dates and ages

We will list your event for free as long as it falls between 18 - 31 December, and it can be open for any age group. But please bear in mind we will only be in touch with you if your event is on Christmas Day and we have someone 75 and over looking for somewhere to go. Everyone else will get in touch directly or turn up on the day (depending on your policy).  

So if you have an event or are thinking of setting one up, we have some Guidance Notes to help you with your planning. But if you know when you are having it, where it will be, what you are doing and who is the point of contact please

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