Anyone can run a Christmas event or activity

It doesn’t need to be the size of Glastonbury and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It doesn’t even need to be free!

You're welcome to add your event or activity to our directory. All we ask is that...

It's open to the public

Indoor venues may be tricky this year, but any communal space such as a park, street or large venue could work. We can’t give you an older guest to have round your home for dinner, but you could team up with a local carvery and organise deliveries to older people in your community who are on their own.  

Everyone is welcome

Many people who come to your event or activity will do so because they would otherwise be alone. Make sure everyone feels welcome and included - it’s a great opportunity for the community to get to know each other. 

Your guests know what to expect

Your event doesn’t need to be free and you don’t need to offer transport. The important thing is that people know what to expect and no one's left disappointed on the day. 

Community Christmas, not Christmas Dinner

Your event doesn’t even need to be about food. You could have mince pies and mulled wine for your street, a morning walk or a carol singing celebration. The point is to provide a safe, fun, enjoyable experience for people who may otherwise be alone.  

Register your event or activity

We're more than happy to list your event or activity for free on our directory, as long as it falls between 18-31 December and is open to any age group. 

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