Christmas isn't just about the big lunch

It’s about creating connections for those who can’t be with family and friends. Any connection can be meaningful and help to provide a bit of cheer in the gloomy days of a Covid winter.

Obviously, this year connections will need to be made safely, following the latest Government guidelines and thinking carefully about the safe handling of personal information. But anything's possible.

Here are a few simple ways to bring people together:

Why not gather a small group together for carol singing? You could even spread out down a street. Perhaps one person could knock on doors to offer a mince pie and ensure no one feels left out.

You could put together a list of neighbours who are on their own and would like to receive a phone call on Christmas day (and maybe at other times too).

You may well find a local group that offers this service safely and would appreciate the extra support. For anyone who like a regular phone call in the longer term, please refer them to our call companion service.

Not everyone will be able to get out for a walk, but many could be encouraged to do a short walk around the local streets on Christmas Day morning.

Perhaps you could take a bundle of 2-metre-long pieces of tinsel to provide connection at a distance as the walking conga makes its way.

Pubs and restaurants may have capacity to cook more meals than they can serve and so may be happy to support any delivery service supported by volunteers.

There may be a cost involved but not all those that face Christmas alone are financially limited and funds could perhaps be used to subsidise those that cannot afford to pay.

We would strongly encourage having a leaflet or a phone number that can be shared with those that you visit so they can access other support they may need during the remains of the Covid winter and beyond when life returns to ‘normal’.

Let your imagination run (safely) wild and create some new traditions!

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