Over half a million older people are set to be lonely this Christmas

This year, charity music group The Lockerz have released a new Christmas single ' Say a prayer for Christmas', to raise awareness of the challenges facing older people over the festive holiday.

Watch the full music video now!

About The Lockerz

Made up of five members, The Lockerz have been releasing charity singles since 2016.

Their last charity single for the 2018 World Cup raised funds to build a new school in Nepal, storming the charts and earning them an appearance on The One Show.

This year, proceeds from the Christmas single will go towards supporting our work in combatting loneliness among over-75s throughout the year.

Colin Erison
Frontman, The Lockerz

Imagine you are on your own with no friends or family. No access to social media, isolated or unable to go out. There are many people in this situation, mainly the older generation, where they have lost partners and have no family left. Isolation and loneliness is a major part of our society and we don’t realise how big the situation is. 

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