We wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff at The Pure Water People in Bristol, who have been acting as call companions for Re-engage during the pandemic.  When we went into lockdown again at the end of last year, Marketing Director Cathy Walker considered putting the company’s empty call centre to good use whilst staff were furloughed – time that they may never have again. 

Cathy told us; “I discussed this with the willing team and began contacting charities to offer our marketing support, telephones and talented team of fantastic communicators.  Re-engage was the first to accept our support and we’re thoroughly enjoying calling the potential companions and the over 75s a few days a week.  It has been great to keep the team working together, and to do something positive to help others during difficult times.

“I’m so grateful to Cathy, Rosie, Sara, Celia, Caron, Beth, Sarah, Chris, Carl and Sue, who have contributed and donated their time to support Re-engage and its wonderful programme”.

Marketing Supervisor Rosie McQuade was so touched by the phone calls that she made during the campaign that she has decided to volunteer as a call companion in the long term.

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