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Lessons on resilience

As we age and experience the ups and downs of life, we tend to build our resilience and there is much that younger people can learn from the generations that went before them about how to weather hardships. But there is also strong evidence to suggest that our social connectedness in our community plays an important role in our ability to remain strong in the face of adversity for both young and old which is why our intergenerational services are of such benefit to both our older people and volunteers.

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A champion for older people

Re-engage has joined the call for a Commissioner for Older People and Ageing who can speak up for older people and give them a voice at the heart of government. We believe that it’s a role that can develop alongside our ageing population and ensure that older people experience improved life experiences.

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Celebrating 45 years of volunteering

Ann Godfrey, super volunteer, organised Re-engage tea parties for the Royal Wootton Bassett group for an extraordinary 45 years. The pandemic brought a halt to her plans for a 45th group celebration and very sadly she died before she could make the event a reality. Ann’s tea party group recently held a party to remember her long service and wonderful community spirit.

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Five years on from the first Minister for Loneliness

Since the UK government announced that Tracey Crouch MP would be our first Minister for Loneliness five years ago, loneliness has become a hotly discussed topic. Read our CEO Meryl's article for a snapshot of how the topic of loneliness is being discussed here and around the world.

By Meryl Davies

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Meet Charles and Kelly

Find more out about call companions and stars of our BBC Lifeline appeal, Charles and Kelly.

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BBC Lifeline appeal

TV personality and tea party host Sara Cox is presenting our BBC Lifeline appeal at the end of April. But she won’t be the only star of the show.

There will also be interviews with; ‘dyed in the wool Geordie’, Jane, 87; former journalist and newspaper proprietor Charles, 91; call companion and ballroom dancing enthusiast Kelly, 46 and avid traveller Ginny, 77.

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