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A champion for older people

Re-engage has joined the call for a Commissioner for Older People and Ageing who can speak up for older people and give them a voice at the heart of government. We believe that it’s a role that can develop alongside our ageing population and ensure that older people experience improved life experiences.

By Re-engage

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Meet Charles and Kelly

Find more out about call companions and stars of our BBC Lifeline appeal, Charles and Kelly.

By Re-engage

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BBC Lifeline appeal

TV personality and tea party host Sara Cox is presenting our BBC Lifeline appeal at the end of April. But she won’t be the only star of the show.

There will also be interviews with; ‘dyed in the wool Geordie’, Jane, 87; former journalist and newspaper proprietor Charles, 91; call companion and ballroom dancing enthusiast Kelly, 46 and avid traveller Ginny, 77.

By Re-engage


A surprise visit

A tea party group in Carnoustie was recently entertained by a surprise visit from a bearded dragon belonging to Khalid, son of volunteer host Dorothy. For Dorothy, who enjoys involving her family in the tea parties she hosts, volunteering fits well with her other commitments and has the benefit of bringing generations together.

By Re-engage

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Healthy living as we age

Re-engage CEO Meryl Davies talks about what we can do as individuals and as a society to try to improve our health in older age. She explores how we can build a society where we all commit to health and what small steps might make a difference as we age.

By Meryl Davies

Our work

Activity groups

Two years ago, we launched our first activity groups. We have since supported hundreds of older people who take part in a variety of gentle activities from chair yoga to walking tennis. Older people who attend these sessoins have become more active, experienced improved wellbeing and have built social connections within their communities.

By Laura Joplin

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