Contact the Elderly (now Re-engage) welcomes the launch of the Government’s strategy on loneliness. 

The government turning the spotlight on loneliness in the last year has been critical in developing a greater understanding of the issues that people face across the UK.

The loneliness agenda has seen the birth of a movement towards kindness and neighbourliness across the country and is underlining how critical it is for all of us to notice who is around us and to care for others in our communities.

Contact the Elderly (now Re-engage) works with the oldest old – people who are housebound and so who often feel invisible.  Our work in bringing together older people at social gatherings means that the most isolated people have a chance to get out.  Our gatherings are often the only opportunity that an older person has to have any contact with another person.

The shocking statistics on loneliness in general are helping people to understand the dangers to health that come about because of loneliness and isolation. We have been addressing this problem since 1965 and we welcome the attention that is now being paid to loneliness and would urge everyone to join us in taking action.

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