Jean has been a member of her local tea party group in Bristol for several years now.  Housebound throughout the pandemic, the group helped keep her spirits up during a difficult time.  Naomi became a driver for the group two years ago and struck up a special friendship with Jean when she started making fortnightly deliveries of homemade cake whilst tea parties were suspended.

Jean: We’ve all missed the tea parties so much. 

“When I first joined the tea party group, I was a bit apprehensive.  I didn’t know what to expect.  But they made me feel so welcome and my worries vanished in an instant.

“It’s been such a lovely experience and I’ve met so many different people, from all walks of life, who I would never have met otherwise. 

“The volunteers take so much care of us.  I get driven to and from the parties and there’s always someone there to look out for us, whatever we need.  

“Seeing Naomi once a fortnight during the pandemic really helped me.  We have lovely chats and I’ve come to know her quite well; I see her as a friend.  She makes such wonderful cakes for us all, coffee and walnut, chocolate, lemon drizzle. 

“I spoke to other tea party guests once a week during the pandemic and it made such a difference.  We’ve all missed the tea parties so much. 

“Communication is so important and it’s very easy to become isolated as you get older. Re-engage is just brilliant”.

Naomi:  I can talk to Jean about anything.

“I first became involved with Re-engage because I wanted to give something back.  Our son is home educated, and I knew that he would gain from the experience too.  He helps me with the baking and meets a generation who give him a different perspective.

“Jean is always so positive and bubbly.  She keeps her mind active, reading or doing the crossword and she keeps up with everything that’s going on.  I can talk to her about anything. 

“During the pandemic I made over 120 cakes for our tea party guests.  Baking for others has given me so much pleasure.  For once, I haven’t had to worry about piling on the pounds afterwards either!

“Seeing how alone some of our tea party guests were put my own worries into perspective.  I realised what a difference a visit from a familiar face with a cake could make. 

“Re-engage has helped me to mix with my community and it’s an absolute pleasure”.

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