I’ve had an amazing life, I really have. Of course, I’ve had my ups and downs, but hasn’t everybody?

I studied to be a nurse during the war. I told my father I wanted to join the army and he went bananas and said I should become a nurse, so I did. Years later I travelled and became a medium and a healer.

I remember all the bombs dropping during the war and Buckingham Palace getting bombed. I don’t remember feeling fear though. We just had to get on with it.

People became so lovely, just like now. So kind and compassionate. When something terrible happens, it brings out the best in people and this is what’s happening now.

I was married briefly but it didn’t work out, so I’ve lived on my own for probably around 45 years.

My lovers have long disappeared! I have a niece and she has two children, so that’s my family. I’m very lucky.

Since the lockdown, well, I’m just absolutely bored out of my head most of the time! The self-isolation gets me down sometimes, particularly as I can’t see much anymore and I’m on an oxygen machine for 16 hours a day. I have to be extra careful.

I’m no partygoer but, before all this, I was busy! I liked meeting my friends for lunch or dinner. I’ve been going to Re-engage tea parties for 14 years and I absolutely love them. Even though they’ve been postponed, my group leader, Emma [pictured with Gwyneira before the lockdown], still calls me on the phone to see how I am.

Luckily where I live – in sheltered housing - I’ve got space outside my front door. My younger friends come and they sit outside and I sit in the doorway with the gloves and the mask and the oxygen. They stay for an hour, an hour and a half or more, just chatting. I’m so thankful for them.

I think this whole thing is a big message to every human being.

It’s saying: ‘Hey, look! What are you doing to the planet?’ They’re finding bits of plastic in Antarctica now. Just awful! This is a big wake-up call.

I believe in reincarnation - it makes absolute total sense to me. Otherwise what’s the point of being born? Why are we here? I really believe there’s a purpose to one’s life.

Really and truly what people don’t realise is that the moment we’re born we’re in the midst of death. It’s the only thing we can be absolutely sure of in life.

I’m looking ahead, especially now at my age, because I’ve got work to do over there. I’m sure that, when it comes, it’ll be the beginning of another wonderful experience.

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