Josephine (pictured here in blue at a Re-engage tea party before the pandemic), is loving spending time outdoors again.

I hadn’t been out since the last lockdown until I had my vaccination.

I received the vaccine recently, though I must say, it was quite a while before I was contacted. My neighbours were all vaccinated before me, even though they’re younger, and I couldn’t understand why.

But, in the end I got my vaccine and it’s been wonderful!

It feels hopeful. It’s given me the confidence to go outside again. Still, I don’t mix with anyone and when I go for a walk with my friend we make sure we stay a good distance apart. But it’s so nice to be outside again!

I try to keep myself busy in these lockdowns. I do all my own cleaning and try to keep fit, even if it’s just taking a turn round the garden. And I keep in touch with a couple of the guests in my tea party group, Marjorie and Jo, while Vivi, our driver, rings often to see how I’m doing.

I’ve also been learning how to use modern technology.

My son has been teaching me how to use my new phone. There’s lots you can do on it. I’ve been on Facetime, Facebook… And I’ve been having a look at the films on Netflix. The Crown’s good, isn’t it?

I really do miss the tea parties and can’t wait for them start up again.

If anyone’s thinking about joining, please come along. The volunteers make you feel so welcome and you get to meet the most interesting people; each with such different lives.

I do miss those wonderful, rich conversations.

Our tea parties are currently on hold until its safe to start them up again. Find out about other ways we can help you stay connected.

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