Davina Good, a member of a Re-engage tea party group in Hackney, London, sadly passed away in November 2019.  Davina kindly remembered Re-engage in her will and enabled hundreds more older people to be helped through the pandemic.

Hilarie Kerr, a volunteer driver for the local group for over 15 years, shares her memories of Davina.

“Davina was a neighbour of mine for 18 years before she eventually had to move into sheltered accommodation.  She was always grateful to me for introducing her to her local Re-engage group. I would drive her to and from the monthly tea parties, but she also enjoyed being driven by the younger men in our group too.  She built relationships with other volunteers and Jude, our coordinator at the time, gave her a lot of support when she moved into sheltered accommodation. 

“As a group we went on special outings to the theatre, as well as to museums, concert halls and galleries.  We even went on a canal boat trip once.  In the last few years of her life, she was less mobile and had to carry oxygen, so when we went to see a Christmas pantomime at the Hackney Empire, we booked boxes because they were easy to access.   She got such pleasure from our trips and it felt important that she should be able to get out and about as much as possible.

Davina was bright and alert, and in addition to going out, liked to keep busy making things, crochet especially - she used to crochet , and wear really lovely bright multicoloured scarfs and hats.  She had also written poetry , enjoyed doing small paintings which she often used in her own greetings cards, and had in the past enjoyed making ceramics.  She kept up with current affairs and she was always a good conversationalist; she enjoyed the company of others. The tea parties and outings were perfect for her.”

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